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Fender Mustang Bass
1973 Fender Mustang Bass

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1930's Weymann Tenor Banjo Style 2
Model# weymanntenor

Wonderfully loud and deep old tenor. Circa 1930's and all original. As you can see from the pic, it has an after-market pickup added. Hardshell case included.

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1958 Danelectro U3
Model# danelectrou3

Holy Mother-of-Retro! This is the coolest old Dan'o we've had our hands on. The U3 was made in 1957 and 1958; and as you can quickly find (or not find) on Google they are very rare. This one is all original other than the knobs. One...

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1971 Fender Precision Bass Fretless Maple
Model# fretlesspbass

The first fretless P-Bass with a maple fingerboard that I've had my hands on. Somewhat rare, completely amazing. Still has the distinctive fretless tone, but the maple board brings back just a little bit of brightness for a real nice...

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Fender Mustang Bass

1973 Fender Mustang Bass
Model# Fender Mustang Bass

All original except for one replaced pot. This Fender Mustang is in really nice condition for its age with a few nicks and dings and one gouge in the neck. The frets are in good condition; they've been dressed in the past. With a fresh setup...

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