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This is a documented one of a kind Gibson from 1991. It's a Nick Lucas neck on an L-00 body. This was built by Ren Furgeson in the custom shop. He signed the label inside the guitar and the certificate certifying that it's one of a kind. The label was also signed by John Walker- custom shop supervisor, Robbie Johns- director of sales and marketing, and Jay Fuller- plant controller. Along with the certificate we also have the factory packing list which states one of a kind. 


We've kept this guitar in its case over the years and only take it out to check condition on occasion. Of course this guitar plays, sounds, and looks exceptional. This is a loud and punchy little guitar and it's opened up nicely over the years. 


THIS IS NOT one of the L1 guitars from the same era. They built 100 of those.


Call for more details. Local pickup only.

1991 Gibson L-00 w/Nick Lucas Neck *one of a kind*

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