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This is a Aria Pro II 615 Frontier that is in new condition. 

This guitar has a Basswood body with a Maple neck and a Techwood fretboard. Something unique about this guitar is that the neck is relatively thick compared to other T-type guitars. This guitar plays really well with nice low action, and the electronics function flawlessly and sound excellent. The frets have no wear, and this instrument is totally clean.

This instrument does not come with a case.

Our instruments are professionally set up before leaving the store. We make sure that your instrument is in perfect playing condition before we send it out, including truss rod adjustments, fingerboard treatment, fret leveling and polishing, bridge and saddle height, intonation, pickup height, and polish. When you order from Quinn's, your instrument will be ready to rock straight out of the box. 

Aria Pro II 615 Frontier


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