This is a 1950 Gibson ES-125 Hollowbody that is generally very clean. The FON is R6754 30.


This is a 1950 Gibson ES125. This guitar is a standard deep body. This guitar is mainly original. The only thing that may not be original is the pickguard since it is black, along with the knobs being incorrect for the year.


The first few frets have slight wear. The back and sides have surface scuffs and various dings are on the sides. All of these are minimal and do not go through the finish. The finish does have laquer checking throughout the instrument. This is very common on vintage guitars from this era and does not affect anything structural. There is a moderate scratch on the bottom bout next to the strap button. The tuning buttons will need replacing in the near future. The tuner for the G-string is slightly bent but functions perfectly. There is a nick on the back of the headstock on the top. It does not affect anything structural.


This guitar has mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard, along with mahogany sides and the top and back are both maple. The P90 in the neck sounds absolutely fantastic. The electronics function perfectly. This guitar plays fantastic and sounds phenominal. Unplugged this guitar has an awesome jazz box sound to it.


This guitar comes with original chipboard gator style case that is in poor condition.

Gibson ES-125 Hollowbody Electric-Used


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