This unit is on display at our store; only played a few times. Brand new with a full factory warranty. Not a scratch on it. Unique in design, the bridge on this bass can be adjusted for each players desired string spacing. Featuring the Bartolini BH2 pickups for a warm response with a tighter bottom end and fuller sounding midrange.


Our guitars are professionally set up.

Instruments to do not come to us in perfect playing condition, there is a lot of work that we put into making sure that when the guitar get's to you, it's right.

Each of our guitars are professionally set-up by our expert guitar luthier, Andy. Andy attended the Galloup Guitar School of Lutherie in Big Rapids, Michigan. He polishes the frets, adjusts the truss-rod, and lowers the strings so that it's easy for anyone to play. The set-up also makes sure that the guitar sounds like it's supposed to, in every spot on the fret-board. Andy also makes sure that there are nice new strings on the guitar, so it comes to you sounding and looking perfect.

Ibanez SR875


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