This is a used Peavey Automix Control 8 in excellent condition. It is an automatic mixer with eight transformer-balanced mic/line inputs. Each channel provides a gain control, phantom power for mic inputs, low-cut filter, activity/clipping LED, an aux send control, and a choice between manual and automatic operation.

Channels 1 and 2 provide an adjustable priority control. The master section provides a gain trim control, three 1/9 octave sweepable notch filters, a downward expander, transformer-balanced outputs (main and aux), and remote volume connections.

Note that this mixer uses removable phoenix connectors and that all are included with the unit.

We've tested each channel with a microphone and everything seems to work fine. This unit was made in the USA, and is built to last.

Peavey Automix Control 8 Mixer - Used


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