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This is a Peavey Vypyr Pro-100 that is actually new. This has been our store display model and has been plugged into a handful of times.

With over 500 editable presets and 4 model banks, this 100 watt modeling amplifier can create a rig any player would want. Amps, effects and even instruments can be loaded into the banks, and with LCD displays telling you what presets are assigned to each bank, digital modeling has never been easier. The amp has four LCDs above each bank control, along with a large LCD on the right to tell you what you're editing along with how something is being changed.

The front panel also features a master volume, a 3-band EQ, and pre/post gain controls. Other features include a tuner, and aux and headphone inputs for quiet practice at home.


Plus, on the back panel, the amplifier comes with PowerSponge Technology, acting like an attenuator for a tube amplifier thanks to TransTube technology. This means you can get tube amp sounding saturation at low volumes. It also comes with an effects loop, MIDI ins and outs, a Mic Simulated Direct Interface (MSDI) allowing Direct Out capabilities and a USB port for hooking up to recording software. 

This amp can do anything you throw at it, and then some.

Peavey VYPYR 100 Pro Store Display


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