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This is a Trace Elliot Transit-A Acoustic Preamp and Effects Processor in new condition that's been on display in our store. It hasn't been plugged in more than 3 times, it's absolutely perfect.

This unit has a three band EQ along with a phase, pre-shape, and piezo switch to ensure you sound great. Plus, it has Tap-Tempo Delay, Chorus, Reverb, and a Boost function. 

The tuner is very bright, and the LED lights under the knobs help you see what you need to adjust from your bedroom to a dark stage.

Have a stereo rig? No problem. This unit has Left and Right outputs or left mono for a guitar so you can plug this unit into an amp or a PA with ease. This unit also has Pre and Post D.I. 3-pin XLR outputs for plugging directly into a mixer, floor jacks or a snake. The ground lift switch helps to eliminate ground hums from a poor AC system. The headphone and aux jacks allow you to plug in with your favorite tunes or stay quiet so your neighbors stay happy.

This product comes with a carrying case and a power supply.

Trace Elliot Transit-A Acoustic Preamp and Effects Processor Store Display


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