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Instrument Repairs

Most guitars just need a little tweaking here and there, others need a little more. We offer our standard instrument string and tune, pick-up and electronics repairs and rewiring.

Quinn's Music is proud to host Northern Strings, a repair shop owned and operated by our talented guitar tech, Andy Kirby, and his partner, Bud Greenman. Andy is a working musician and performer in addition to being a luthier. He attended the Galloup School of Lutherie in 2002, and has continued to hone and develop his skills ever since. In his time overseeing the repair services, the department has continually and steadily developed and grown along with his skill set as he constantly strives to get better and perfect his craft on a daily basis. He attended the prestigious Northwoods seminar in the years 2013 and 2014, working closely with and learning from some of the top names in the business.

Amp & Speaker Repairs

As well as being a full-service guitar and stringed instrument repair shop, we offer fixes for your speakers, guitar amplifiers, powered mixers, and just about any other piece of sound equipment that will give you a headache.

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